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Upcoming Events

Rock Pooling at St Margaret's - Friday 15th April 2011- 2.00pm map

Pond Dipping at Bushy Ruff (Kearsney Abbey) - Wednesday 20th April 2011 - 2.00pm map

Pond Dipping at Bushy Ruff (Kearsney Abbey) - Monday 30th May 2011 - 2.00pm map


check final details with White Cliffs Countryside Project


Seashore and Rock Pools

A wealth of natural history in the smallest of rock pools.

Pond Life

Exploring the freshwater environment

Prawn - a mature specimen caught in rock pools at St Margaret's at Cliffe

Porcelain crab - small crabs with characteristic velvety covering. Copt Point, Folkestone

Water Louse - Acellus Common in all ponds. These crustaceans are part of the cleaning and recycling processes in the freshwater ecosystem. Bushy Ruff, Dover.

Common Frog - Rana rana. These amphibians like shallow sections of water to lay their spawn in the spring. Reed Pond, Canterbury

Photo Days

Digital or film cameras used andexplained. Close-up techniques, landscapes and nature portraits.

Moth Trapping

Special lights to attract moths, identification and ecology

Dover cliffs viewed from National Trust Centre looking towards St Margaret's at Cliffe.

Swan and cygnets - Bushy Ruff, Dover

Oak Eggar - a moth with distinctive furry body. A male moth found all over Kent. Dover, Kent

Garden Tiger - once a common site in gardens, this beautiful moth is now in decline. Sandwich, Kent

Fungus Forays

Discover a variety of fungi in their specialist habitats

Mini-beast Safari

Grassland, woodland, hedgerows and leaf litter

Inkcap - Spinney Wood, Aylesham

Aged coppice stumps covered in fungi - Spinney Wood, Aylesham

Common Blue Damsel-fly - Bysing Wood, Faversham

Squash bug - on bramble, St Martin's Battery, Dover


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